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SanylaAfter years of being bullied because of her weight, 11 year old Sanyla Clark decided to speak out and become a catalyst for change.  As a student she knows first-hand that with the proper resources any youth can overcome the negative effects of being hurt by words, looks, or other actions that can be categorized as bullying.

Collaborating with Why Weight? TV network founder Kesha Fairman and Students Talking Out Problems (S.T.O.P.) founder Evan McCullough, Sanyla has become the spokesperson for the R.A.F.T.S. campaign.  Her goal is to encourage others to speak out against bullying and speak up for themselves.

Sanyla lives in Hampton, Georgia with her parents and her little sister. She dreams of one day becoming an actress, singer, dancer, producer, director, screenwriter, and songwriter.


KeshaWhy Weight? TV was created by the charismatic Kesha Fairman, a woman on a mission and producer with a plan. Kesha started her film career in front of the camera, as an actor and former Miss Baton Rouge, Louisiana. After being told that as a black woman there “simply wasn’t that much work to be had for her" in the film industry, her response was the most reasonable action you could imagine: she dropped her agent and started her own production company.

A short time later, however, Kesha began having health problems that were hard to explain.  She began to gain weight suddenly and rapidly, despite maintaining an excellent diet and exercise regimen. The more time that passed, the more frustrating the situation became – until finally the doctors were able to diagnose the problem.  Her ability to lose weight was caused by a tumor growing on her pituitary gland, not because of her lifestyle decisions.

Kesha’s journey back to health has been long and marked with numerous complications.  These challenges could have ended her dream, but instead they have solidified her will to pursue it more passionately.  Now she is using both her life experiences and her production company to create something unique: Why Weight? TV, an interactive television series that focuses on real life health issues, not just weight loss alone.

Mrs. Fairman has since moved from her starting place in Baton Rouge to the city of Atlanta, Georgia.  She has now begun production on the show that pursues her dream of a holistic health community and is the start of it all.

Why Weight TV

Why Weight? TV is on a mission to help people reclaim their lives and live life to the fullest. Bringing together a team of personal trainers, nutritionists, and holistic health practitioners, this online show documents the weight loss journeys of four individuals who are struggling with unhealthy lifestyles. The program is designed to be an interactive experience for viewers as well, offering subscribers the opportunity to receive meal plans, workout tips, and wellness advice each week to help them achieve their own weight loss goals.


Evan McCullough is the founder of Students Talking Out Problems Inc, a 501-c (3) nonprofit organization launched in 2009. the launch was after the success of the high school program in 2006, by a team of students whose need for change was accommodated by creating a forum where students can stop negative problems and talk out their issues.

Evan is also the Youth & Young Adult Committee Chair of SocialGeorgia and has held previous leadership positions as a Resident Advisor at Morehouse College and the Youth Development Chair of the civic organization NPU-V. He currently works in IT, where he oversees STEM-based projects.

Evan plans to utilize his entrepreneurial spirit and great work ethic to deliver superior service to youth and others he meets throughout life. His goal is to give youth a voice so they can broadcast their agenda and be the solution to various problems discovered in the world.


Students Talking Out Problems (S.T.O.P.) exists to provide a safe haven where youth can openly express themselves in order to alleviate violence and other social issues in the community. We do this by involving students in activities that will increase their knowledge on alternatives that prevent bullying.

S.T.O.P. was developed by a team of students in 2006 whose need for change was accommodated by creating a forum where students can stop negative problems and talk out their issues. It has since grown into a thriving organization that hosts forums, seminars, and projects, all aimed at ending bullying and other forms of violence.

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